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10 Considerations for Pet Owners Looking for Executive Short-Term Leases

10 Considerations for Pet Owners Looking for Executive Short-Term Leases

According a 2022 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, 70% of all US households’ own pets. That’s over 5 million households in the United States. Simply, Americans love their pets and consider them family. Understanding the ins and outs of pet ownership in the corporate housing sector is critical for securing a lease that will meet the needs of you and your pet. Here are 10 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the fees—deposit and monthly rent add-on—and policies?

Monthly pet rent, policies, and pet fees vary by location and company. The average cost per pet is a one-time fee from $200-$400. Another key consideration is whether or not your lease requires a pet liability policy.

2. What is the maximum number of pets per unit?

Most executive corporate housing properties have a 2 pet maximum per rental unit. It’s always a good idea to inquire directly with each potential property as variation among landlords does exist.

3. Does the short-term housing include breed and/or weight restrictions?

The vast majority of corporate rentals will have pet breed and or weight restrictions in place. Many corporate property managers and landlords have restrictions that prohibit bully breeds and other dog breeds that may become aggressive or destructive. This is for the safety of their tenants and their property from injuries or damages.

4. Are your pet’s vet records, shots, and registration up to date?

Having an unregistered animal is considered a breach of most rental agreements and can be grounds for termination of your lease.

5. Do I need appropriate documentation for service animals?

While the Americans with Disabilities Act prevents landlords from requiring you provide them with your service dog’s training certification, they can ask for a letter from a doctor or caretaker, attesting that you have a disability, the need for your animal to assist you, and that your animal is capable of assisting you. They may also ask for a photo of your service animal, and if you need any additional disability accommodations to your unit.

6. What are the fees and repercussions of an undisclosed pet in corporate short-term lease?

Undisclosed animals are serious violations of an executive corporate housing lease and can be grounds for paying the pet fee and monthly pet rent in arrears, dismissal from the property, retention of security deposit, and fees for any damage done to the property and/or its furnishings.

7. What pet-friendly amenities are included on the property?

Many pet-friendly corporate housing properties consider pets in their property design and features. These features may include on-site dog parks, walking areas for pets, and pet washing stations.

8. What is the environment surrounding the property like?

Pets grow accustomed to their environment. When considering potential property locations, pay attention to activity and noise level, natural vegetation present, population density, and the potential for interaction with other animals with which your pet may be unfamiliar, especially considering your pet’s natural temperament.

9. What flooring, furniture, and other accommodations might be needed inside your unit?

Because pets cannot help things like their natural wear and tear on carpets and flooring, you as their pet owner want to consider which options pose the least risk for damage. Will your pet be more comfortable with wood flooring, for example? Or can heavier furnishings reduce the chance of things being knocked over and broken?

10. Does your rental insurance cover pets listed in your lease?

Rental insurance protects the renter from damage to properties by accidental means. Similarly, insurance companies may include pets listed in your renter’s insurance policy. Pet liability insurance covers some damages from potential wear and tear made by your pet. Whether you’re moving for a short-term business project, wintering in warmer weather, or traveling as a healthcare or government employee, your pet is an important part of your family, and they need to be an important part of your executive corporate housing relocation. Sunchoice Corporate Housing provides you with high-caliber, pet-friendly options that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

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